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As per guidelines of the UGC and the Supreme Court, an Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell (ASHC) also called as Internal Complaint Committee (ICC) has been established by our college to provide a healthy and favorable atmosphere to the staff and students of the college. The committee has guidelines and norms to advocate zero tolerance towards sexual harassment. The college has entrusted the task of developing principles and procedures to prevent sexual harassment to this committee. The committee develops measures for achieving gender equality, removal of gender discrimination, sexual harassment and other acts of gender based violence in the college by organizing different awareness program and campaigns etc.
Objectives: The objectives of the committee are-

• To prevent discrimination and sexual harassment against women.
• To ensure harassment-free environment in the college.
• To address any harassment complaint.
• To ensure overall well-being of students and staff of the college.
• To organize gender sanitization awareness program.
• To organize gender related legal awareness program.

Powers of the committee: The powers of the committee are-
• The committee shall have the power to summary witness and call for documents or any information from any employee/students.
• To take cognizance of complaints about sexual harassment, conduct enquires, provide assistance and redressal to the victims, recommend penalties and take action against the harasser, if necessary.
• To advise the competent authority to issue warnings or take the help of the law to stop the harasser, if the complaints consents.
• To seek medical, police and legal interventions with the consent of the complainant.
• To make arrangements for appropriate psychological, emotional and physical support to the victims if so desires.

Internal Complaint Committee Meetings
Sr.No. Particular PDF ATR
1. ICC Meeting (2022-23) View PDF View PDF
2. ICC Meeting (2021-22) View PDF View PDF
3. ICC Meeting (2020-21) View PDF View PDF
4. ICC Meeting (2019-20) View PDF View PDF
5. ICC Meeting (2018-19) View PDF View PDF
6. ICC Meeting (2017-18) View PDF View PDF

Following are the Members of Internal Complaint Committee-
Sr.No. Name of the Member Designation E-mail ID Mob. Number
1. Dr.R.L.Nikose Chairman Cum Principal drrlnikose@rediffmail.com 9421896516
2. Dr.S.R.Patil Coordinator drsrpp@gmail.com 9890939582
3. Dr.S.A.Dongre Female Teacher Representative dongreshubhangi@gmail.com 9881713588
4. Dr.T.D. Bhandarkar Teacher Representative tilakbahandarkar2015@gmail.com 9764576913
5. Shri. D.A. Roy Non-Teaching Representative 8805690572